Naomi Sutton grew up on a small hobby farm in rural Minnesota before moving to the Southwest United States for undergraduate studies. During her first semester at Northern Arizona University, where Naomi received a track scholarship, she discovered a love for printmaking, which soon became her major. After spending four years in Arizona, Naomi traveled abroad to Australia. Just two weeks on the continent’s western shores enticed her to stay and finish her degree at Curtin Universtiy in Perth. Naomi's love for the beautiful country of Australia kept her there for almost two years, in which she traveled and surfed regularly. Naomi then moved to Southern California to work and surf, and eventually traveled to Costa Rica for another adventure. While there, she spent most of her time in a small surf town on the Pacific. During her time in Costa Rica Naomi lived for surfing, yoga and socializing with other wanderlust adventurers.

The following summer took Naomi to Nantucket. With the money she earned, Naomi returned to Central America to explore countries from Costa Rica to Guatemala. Once in Guatemala she took language and weaving classes, where she grew increasingly fascinated by the textiles of the world. Naomi loved learning how to make things by hand and feels it is important to keep handcrafts alive, just as her grandmother passed down the skills of sewing and knitting to her. The insight she gained abroad and at home solidified her passions for all aspects of textile design, process and manufacturing. These skills and crafts are things Naomi hopes to pass on to future generations. During her travels, Naomi was overwhelmed by the variety of textiles and bright colors and the stories behind each piece of cloth. She developed a passion for fabrics that are made by hand - so much goes in to making every piece a part of the person who created it.

After these travels, Naomi once again returned to southern California. She is a firm believer that doing what you love will bring happiness and success. Naomi's next chapter in life sought to answer the question, "How can I learn to make sewing, designing clothes, and creating textiles my job?" She researched and found the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Especially interesting was a video on the University’s annual show in Bryant Park. Naomi decided that going to the school and showing in New York would be her next goal. She moved to San Francisco and started the graduate program for Fashion and Textile design. Naomi quickly learned the trade and earned the prestigious right to show at Bryant Park in New York and represent the Academy. Her goal was accomplished.

Currently, Naomi is expanding her knowledge as a designer and textile creator while instructing yoga in San Francisco. This balanced lifestyle allows her to stay energetic and inspired. Naomi hopes to travel and learn the craft of other cultures’ textiles while creating her own art - some interests are mudblock printing in Africa and Batiking in India. A recent graduate full of new ideas and dreams, Naomi will continue to grow in her business and craft as her life unfolds.